Marketing on Web 2.0 (english)

marzo 4, 2008

[course in english] This course will appeal to students who want to know new strategies to develop Internet based businesses. Web 2.0 is different in technology, content and people approach. This course will start with understanding what Web 2.0 is all about. 

This course is part of  Polimoda summer course 2008
Course topics:

  • Before starting: what Internet is?
  • Before starting: what marketing is?
  • On-line marketing and roadmap for success
  • Site usability, visitors attraction, measure risult
  • Tips for successful Web site
  • A brief history of Web marketing: on-line advertising, direct email marketing and search engine optimization
  • Something has changed: four step-process before and after Web 2.0
  • How can we get noticed delivering value on-line
  • 5 ingredients to get noticed
  • More on Web 2.0
  • What are User Generated Contents
  • Example: Flickr, Fourdocs, Youtube, Second Life, Linked In, My Space, Wikipedia, Facebook
  • Lets talk about: blogs, wikis, rss, podcast
  • Hot to get started: to open a blog, to upload video, to subscribe rss


Scarica le dispense del corso Download a pdf version of course materials




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